Jewellery _ A Symbiotic Collection


Copper, rubber, blackened silver

Creases and rigorous lines; strictly ordered and furiously mixed up.
A rubber band is stretched around a tooth plate which is hidden under the textile.The garments become the jewelry.


Non-ferrous metal, rubber

Women wearing male shirts tend to tie up their dresses in order to stress their waists. Puck makes this way of dressing presentable.


Silver-coated brass

The object is stuck to the back just between the shoulder blades. Its polished front mirrors the environment and its viewers. The jewelry is newly created in every moment by an ongoing feedback process of the movements and the reflection of the surroundings.
Nobody can pass a mirror without taking a look. This creates a performative setting behind the back of the wearer.


Silver, stainless steel, post-it

This brooch is a quivers for post-its, which may be removed on a scribbling pad.
Direct communication is being resuscitated in the society
The inter-personal contact is the value and the moment one makes for another person to write a message is the jewel.


Brass platinized with yellow gold, stainless steel

This brooch quartet channels the glances on a framed area. Details like beautiful parts of a body, clothing, stains or seams are celebrated.


Brass, stainless steel

Expendable telescope elements make this jewel necklace and brooch at the same time.


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